Deregulation of electricity markets combined with need to reduce the 'peak' demand on the national infrastructure, technology advancements and ever growing expectations of customers have opened the opportunity to worldwide utilities and energy suppliers. Customers, whether industrial, commercial or domestic demand fair pricing and the ability to control their energy usage through intelligence and information. Industry regulators and government initiatives are looking to address these needs with more intelligent electricity networks via Smart Grid and Smart Metering initiatives. This means electricity retailers require technology which is robust, scalable and functionally advanced software to meet the requirements of a fast evolving energy supply industry. EnergyTech Global facilitates the healthy growth of your energy retailing business delivering high performance software which is 100% compliant with the local government regulations at a very low cost.


The retail electricity supply market is process intensive and requires IT solutions that can support substantial multiple terabyte size databases, large user communities and a narrow monthly bill production window. The half hourly market sector requires electricity retailers to have access to accurate and timely data to a half hourly granularity. This imposes significant strain on systems that need to be designed with this purpose in mind. We can assist energy retailers in building such software by collaborating in the following areas:

  • Functional Requirements & Analysis
  • Non-Functional Requirements & Analysis
  • Technology Requirements & Analysis
  • Architecture & Design
  • Development
  • Source code Management
  • Testing (Integration & System Testing)
  • Maintenance
  • Customer Support Operations


Delivering an enterprise-class, high performance technology solutions for energy retailers using agile project methodology which is the heart of the EnergyTech Global development ethos. ETG uses nothing but time-tested open source technology which makes our deliverables exceptionally reliable. EnergyTech Global delivers high performance software using:

  • Linux operating systems
  • postgreSQL databases
  • OpenERP Framework
  • YII Framework
  • PHP, Python
  • Web Development
  • Amazon Cloud Infrastructure Services

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  • EnergyTech Global has customer-centric approach - offers professional and timely customer service and issue resolution.
  • Our staff can quickly familiarize with any back office IT systems, database & reporting systems and process execution / management.
  • We are capable of planning and executing process improvements.
  • We can manage a set of issues during standard Monday - Friday business hours, and be available to respond to critical issues during non-business hours in exceptional circumstances.
  • Our staff are trained to provide exceptional online chat support.

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