We're all energy

We are a team of 125+ developers, designers, testers, devops and customer experience people based in Hyderabad, India. Our global enterprise software solutions are being used by our group companies in NZ and AUS to offer the best energy experience to their customers.

We're about family

EnergyTech Global is a company built around core family values. Respecting everyone and enabling them to succeed. No wonder our parent company is a super successful start-up.

Building Enterprise Software Solutions for Global Electricity Retail markets is our business, but we believe in empowering people.

It's time

EnergyTech Global is situated in ECIL, Hyderabad. Eastern Hyderabad has anything and everything you'd like nearby, and you get something extra for free - YOUR TIME.

Less time in traffic, or metro lines. More time with family in the park, not at the market. And a lower cost of living too.

Our values

At EnergyTech we take pride in coming to the office. People are treated with respect and kindness, which creates a fun culture and safe environment for you to learn and succeed - each and every day.

We have Courage to take risks

We're Positively Obsessed to delight customers

We are a Family with loyalty

We have Fun and celebrate success

We act like Ants and never stop

Our purpose

Culture is a big part of EnergyTech.we have a simple but powerful purpose.

To care, lead & grow

We're Foodies

Enjoy free breakfast, lunch and evening snacks every day of the week.

Oh, and Hyderabad biryani every Friday

Meet us

Come on inside and meet some of the team.




B.Tech, GITAM University

Senior Software Consultant



"We analyze and interpret all complex data for business strategies along with day to day operations which transformed us from a start up company to a growing company"

Don't spend time in traffic

Work local

NSIC Business Park, ECIL, Hyderabad

Jyothi Swaroop

MBA, Andhra University

Manager Customer Experience



"Our Technology platform and Customer experience driven work culture helped us deliver award-winning customer service.."

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